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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things are coming together!

Hi everybody,

So just thought I would share a wedding update with whoever the heck is reading this! I was on the phone and Internet trying to pick a honeymoon spot last night with little success...the more you research the more options come up! I was having a mini meltdown by the end of the night as I had been doing wedding planning for most of the day. Lucky me I have some wonderful bridesmaids, a good friend and some awesome bridesmaids who reminded me to chill out, take it one step at a time and breathe and that it will all come together beautifully in the end. Well today my fiance was off work so this entire day was earmarked for wedding planning. As soon as we got up, we got coffee (a must have in this house) and set to work researching hotels for our honeymoon travels. It took most the morning but we finally got a plan in place, a destination picked and the hotels booked. We will be going to two different locations in one state for ours. Kinda like two honeymoons in one :o)
What about you guys? Honeymoon plans? Have you made them?

After a morning of honeymoon planning we got ready and hit the stores to find vases for our center pieces. We are doing nice vases with river rocks in the bottom, a white ribbon around the top, possibly a laminated picture of us in the middle, and a crown tail Betta fish swimming around. It looks amazing, is super cost effective and will also serve as a small gift for the lucky guest who wins one. We also bought two different kinds of fish (which we will be keeping as our pets) to test to see which we like better center piece wise. So basically we are picking and assembling two different centerpieces to choose from. Once we have chosen one I will go and buy a bunch more of the one we like best.

The picture was my brilliant fiance's idea to add to the idea that we already had and it turned out really well. I am pretty pleased with the outcome of my centerpieces altogether. Although it was harder to pick vases and fish etc than I ever thought it would be.

What about you? Were your center pieces hard to pick?

Happy Planning from a Happy Bride,

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