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Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Monday Morning,
So just thought I would share the news that Jason and I got our wedding bands last night! We had to order Jason's but we went ahead and got mine. I brought it home with me to show the mom :o) but we are sending it off by tomorrow to be sized. We also got an incredible deal on them both so I am super excited about it! I also have emailed the photographer that I really really want and am awaiting on a price quote. She has my wedding date open so hopefully her price will be reasonable too! I also have a lead on a wedding cake so my wedding plans are slowly but surely coming together. Honeymoon plans should be getting made this week too! So all in all it is a good Monday. I also got to have a date night with my honey. It was a nice time having dinner to kind of reconnect and celebrate finding our wedding rings. I think that is super important and I will remind you guys of it too...make sure to carve out time to just be together and reconnect cause between work, regular life and wedding planning it can get crazy!!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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