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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey :o)

So doesn't it seem like the holidays just pass by in a flash? All the parties are a great time catching up with friends especially since wedding planning keeps us out of the loop sometimes haha.
I just went to a Christmas party Friday night with a bunch of girlfriends and had an ornament swap. I didn't know everyone there but it turns out that two other women were brides this coming year but they are getting married in May, the month after me. It was really nice cause we were all able to talk about some of the stress and some of the good stuff about planning a wedding. Not only did I make a new friend but I got a lead on a wedding photographer which I desperately needed. Then last night I had another friends Christmas party, this one a couples party, no brides so really not much wedding talk which was nice also just to get away from the thoughts for a night. Played White Elephant and got some awesome gifts. We figured mostly people would fight over the gifts and steal em left and right but they really didn't. I guess most everybody got what they wanted. My lil sis/maid of honor showed up about 20 mins before I left so it was nice to see her cause we don't get to see each other that much here lately. Today, Jason and I are going to pick out our wedding bans. The store we got my engagement ring from is having a customer appreciation sale today and it is the last day so we are going to save at least 25 percent on them. I am super excited!! He has already picked one out that he likes for me so I will see if I like it too. I'm sure I will though! We also have a fairly good idea on his ring we just have to see what kind of deal we can get especially since we already bought one ring there.

Have any of you picked your wedding bands yet? Was it an amazing feeling? I think it is going to be awesome!

With all the holiday parties going on I realized that I love that the holidays bring family and friends closer to each other. Especially when you get to see people that you don't always get to.

What about you guys? What are your holiday plans?

Hope you all are having stress-free days of wedding planning and holiday fun!


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