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Saturday, April 3, 2010

1 Week To Go!!!!!

So the freaky thing is that at this time in one week I will be a married lady!!
Just had to get that off my chest haha

Last weekend I had my bachelorette party and lingerie shower. It was amazing! My mom and sister did an amazing job and my friends all have excellent taste in lingerie :o)
Thank you all for coming out and a special thanks to mom and Beth for all the hard work!
We had the shower at my sister's house with cake, games, and gift opening. The cake was a huge hit and the games were so funny.
We played one where mom and I had made a list of items and if you had them in your purse you got points for each one. Whoever had the most points in the end won a gift from Victoria Secret.
Seeing the crazy randomness that make up different girls purses was hilarious!
The other game everyone got a balloon and inside were slips of paper, one paper had the word winner written on it. So you had to pop your balloon with a pin to find out if you won or not.
Mom accidentally gave me a balloon to pop (since I'm the bride I couldn't win of course haha).
So not thinking anything about it we all pop our balloons and mine was the winner!! lol
So mom put all the papers in bowl and all the girls just chose one. Mandi ended up winning that one and Ashley won the purse game. After opening all the gifts I changed into my going out to Nashville outfit and then privately gave my bridesmaids their gifts.
It was a bag from Forever 21 with their wedding shoes (sparkly flip flops), daisy earrings (for the wedding), and a body spray and lotion from Victoria Secret as well as a little comb that folded into itself with a mirror on the other side, cute but functional!

Then out to Nashville we went! We ate at Joe's Crab Shack first and then hit up several different bars. They had a list that we worked on such as finding a guy with the grooms same first name and getting a picture with him. Getting a random person to buy me a shot, and getting wedding advice written on napkins from people. It was a really fun time!
Beth, Mandi and I all stayed at a hotel close to downtown.

In other news, I have checked even more things off of the to do list. Mom and I ran errands all day on Thursday. We hit up Victoria Secret so I could get my something white for the honeymoon :o) as well as part of what I needed for under the wedding dress.
We also found all of the underthings, such as the crinoline skirt and bra for the wedding dress!
We were also looking for a mother of the bride dress for mom which I think we found. She has a couple that she is going between. Not to sure which she is wearing yet.

Jason has the day off tomorrow so we will be consulting with a travel agent to try and finally pick our honeymoon destination. We are down to two different spots that we are trying to decide between. I will know better tomorrow. And a final decision should be made by Tuesday and the honeymoon will be booked by Wednesday...hopefully it will be done by Tuesday.
We also will be going shopping to find him some swim trunks and shorts for the honeymoon. Whichever destination we pick it will be on the beach!! Super excited that in 7 days we will be on the beach!!
So tomorrow starts a very very busy 7 days for me!
I worked on packing my honeymoon duffel bag today. Cutting all the tags off of my new lingerie etc.. ;o)
Also cleaned the whole house and gave the dogs a bath!! Super productive day! :o)

So excited to be married in 7 days!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crazy Busy But Great Week Ahead!!

Hard to believe that when I started this blog, (to be able to remember the adventure after it is over), that we had 88 days to go...well today marks 20 days! That is completely insane to me! In 20 days we will be married! :o)
Most of the stuff is done I am thankful to report. We are waiting till the absolute last minute to book the honeymoon and hoping that we get a great last minute deal. Wednesday we are going to get our marriage license and both of our bach parties are this coming weekend! We decided to do them on the same night so that neither of us has to sit at home while the other one has all the fun haha
Yesterday his day drove down here from where he lives and got measured for his tux. My dad has already gone so now I am happy to say ALL of the men have now successfully been fitted!
The bridesmaids dresses had to be ordered and they are supposed to be in on Friday. So we will be picking them up then. I'm a little antsy cause it seems to be cutting it close but according to the lady we ordered them from it will be plenty of time as long as my bridesmaids don't drag their feet about picking them up. Guess this is where I crack the proverbial whip! haha j/k
They all know what day they are in and my far away friend/bridesmaid will be here already for the bachelorette party so there won't be an issue on that front. I am beyond excited for it to happen. We are having the lingerie shower at my sister's apartment at 7, then afterward all us ladies are headed downtown for dinner at a favorite restaurant and then hitting downtown :o)
We are also supposed to be getting a hotel room for a sleepover and also so no one has to worry about being the DD.
I crossed another big check off my list this past week.....ordering all the flowers! We are making all the bouquets ourselves :o)
I know there are a lot of smileys in this post but that is how I feel about all the things that are FINALLY coming together!
As far as food for the reception we did finally make a decision. Since the wedding is outside we wanted to go with a more casual feel, such as sundresses and light slacks so we are going the same direction with the food. We were going to get 6ft sub sandwiches from Walmart but my mom and dad discovered that if we get the fixings from Sam's Club and make them ourselves it would probably be cheaper. Hence my mom and I took another trip over there and priced things ourselves and found it to be around half price if we make them ourselves. So roll up your sleeves and get to slicing bread! My bridesmaids are also pitching in and each making something. Mandi is making a pasta salad with tomato's, Trina is making this huge batch of dip called "Buffalo Dip" the best dip you will EVER eat in your life, to go with all the chips. And I think Beth (sister) is making Oreo balls. I have never actually had them but the way she described them sounded amazing. Of course we are having a cake which is being made for us by a lady who does it out of her home for far cheaper than a bakery would charge. Trust me I know cause we checked there first haha
This week is actually going to be super busy so I am sure there will be another post that follows.

Monday, picking hairstyles and buying a pair of jeans for my bach party to go with my bach shirt . The sister should be accompanying me for all this.
Tuesday, something can't remember at the moment, and coffee with a friend for a much needed catch-up.
Wednesday, marriage license, lunch with sister and mom for sisters b-day (which is Wednesday) then dinner with sister and friends for her birthday.
Thursday, hair appointment with mom, while she has hers done I will also be having my wedding hair run through to try to pick a style.
Friday, picking up bridesmaids dresses with the bridesmaids, lingerie shower, bachelorette party.
Saturday and Sunday, hopefully just relaxing after such a super busy week!
And in between all of this...finding time to workout and hit the gym!!!

What about you? What kind of errands and craziness just this upcoming week hold for any of you??

Sorry for the ridiculously long post haha but so much has been happening it seems!
Happy Bride to Be,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First Wedding Gift!!!! And Wedding Dress!!!

So the past two days have been exceptionally awesome! Yesterday I had my appt at David's Bridal with my mom and sister. I tried on about 8-10 dresses and it came down to two different ones. One was $399 and the other was on sale for $199. I tried them both on several times and got to the one that I was leaning toward and tried it on for the third time...and the sales girl who was helping me asked "That was on the sale rack, right?" We go "yeah it says $199 on the tag"
Her reply "It is actually on sale for $99." My immediate response was "Sold!"
haha that truly helped me make up my mind as it doesn't even need to be altered. Not to mention the fact that as soon as my mother helped me into it and I turned around she started tearing up. That is the only dress that she had that reaction too. It reminded her of a dress I had when I was little for some reason. Even my little sister teared up at me in the dress. It is beautiful!! The dress was originally $699. I have no idea at all why it was so steeply discounted but thank God that it was! He truly blessed me with an amazing deal right when I needed one!

I also found my garter :) Jason will be pleased with that one! haha

We also went and got some more stuff for the wedding :o)

Things are really coming together!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Super excited so just had to post really quickly. Got our picture back from Staples, that we are using as our guestbook and it looks amazing! I am super happy with the way that it turned out and cannot wait to hang it in our house!



Have to start off by saying that today is beautiful!!! I actually got to open my windows and air out the house :o)
Sitting here on my couch with the breeze blowing over me and....I am wearing shorts!!

I have been worrying over this nasty weather since we only have 35 days (eeek!) until the wedding and it is OUTSIDE! But this entire week is supposed to be in the 60's and 70's so YES!!!

These past three days have been ridiculously productive...

My mom went with me the first two days and then the third day I was off by myself :(
Not so much fun having to make decisions by yourself and relying upon picture messages lol
So we got all the bubbles, all the plates, all the cups, all the napkins, I found the flipflops for myself and the bridesmaids. Also found the bags for the bridesmaids, the earrings, the other secret gift for them :)

And I got the white fish gravel for the centerpieces, checked on getting the goldfish that I will need. Dropped off our picture at Staples to be blown up (to use as our "guest book"), got my dress for the bridal shower and the white cardigan to go over it. I also got the scoops and the vases for our candy bar that we having as our favors. To be honest I can't remember all of the stuff I got. But tons of it got accomplished! And my dad is supposed to get fitted for his tux today!

Today I am off to shop for my soon to be niece's birthday which is the day after our wedding and to pick up our picture from Staples. Also to Hobby Lobby to pick up another decoration for the tables and to meet up with one of my bridesmaids ;o)

I'll write more soon!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Luncheon Fun

I had the bridal luncheon yesterday with my peeps. It was so nice, they had gotten me a crown with a veil attached (haha) I was a funny sight. And also a button that said bride to be that flashes. My mom ended up coming as well which made it even more fun. We had pizza and brownies and lots of girl talk of course. It ended up being decided that the last weekend in March will be the linguire shower as well as bachelorette. Since all the same girls are going to be invited to both we will have the shower during the day then everyone go out to dinner and then out on the town for the bachelorette fun :o)

We also got our cake topper. We custom ordered it online and it only took a day or two to get here!

Also in other news I got Jason to go get fitted for his tux as well as pick one out. So now he and the best man have been fitted and a tux has been decided upon.

Alot of stuff has actually gotten accomplished this week which I am super excited about.

We decided up on not having a rehearsal or rehearsal dinner as there is to much family drama for that to happen. Also decided upon no grooms cake as Jason doesn't really care and we will have more than enough wedding cake.

Found out the bridesmaids dresses will be in on March 26th which is cutting it close but not to bad as Mandi will be coming back down that weekend anyway for the shower and party.

Well just wanted to sit down and write an update on this wedding adventure....


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hi All,
So I didn't actually get the deer kit yet but my mom told me they have them at Dick's Sporting Goods store so I will be heading there in the next week or two most likely. I did send the deposit off to my cake lady this week and have decided on lemon filling instead of raspberry for the cake.

We did get our cake cutting set a few days ago from Hobby Lobby. The best part was I printed off a 40% off coupon so I got them super cheap! I was excited bout that!

So I still haven't gotten all of my rsvp's back just yet, but yesterday I got a very exciting piece of news. My soon to be sister-in-law is going to be able to make it to the wedding!
I haven't been able to meet her in person yet but we get along great on the phone and im's lol
So Jason and I are more than a little excited that she gets to come and that we get to spend some time with her!

I am going to go try on dresses in the next few weeks :)

Also I have a bridal luncheon with my Maid Of Honor (my sister--Beth), and my two bridesmaids and very good friends (Mandi) and (Trina)! That is this coming Saturday and I am super excited bout it.

Then at the end of March I have my lingerie shower and then bachelorette party, I believe the weekend ofter the shower. We are going to have so much fun!

I am still thinking about what I want to do food wise but I'm not sure yet. We might just do cake and punch but we are not totally sure yet.

I found a hairstyle that I like that I am going to have a trial run done as soon as I find a hair dresser. I also need to get my hair trimmed some.

Oooo weee so much to do. But on the bright side we only have 49 days until the wedding!!! So super excited!!

Hope you all are having fun planning your weddings!