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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting Things Accomplished Slowly But Surely

Hello All,

So I have actually got quite a bit accomplished for the wedding. Almost a little shocking that it is actually coming together haha.

So after picking the center pieces I did go back and get 10 more of the vases that were voted as the winner. This was after much debate and votes from several bridesmaids and my mom.

In other news I picked out my bridesmaids dresses! They are by Alfred Angelo and will be in a sunshine yellow. I went and looked at the color swatch today with Jason. He actually helped me pick between the two. The only thing left to do is to get all the bridesmaids down to the store in the first week of January to get all the dresses ordered.

I actually had a nightmare last night about things going wrong with the wedding. I was told by my bridesmaid, Mandi, that this was normal and it happened to every bride. I'm guessing excessive stress is the cause of it lol
What about you guys have any of you had any wedding related nightmares yet? Hope not!

I think for now I am going to put off wedding planning for this week and just enjoy Christmas!

What are your plans? Any special traditions that you guys have?

Merry Christmas to you all!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things are coming together!

Hi everybody,

So just thought I would share a wedding update with whoever the heck is reading this! I was on the phone and Internet trying to pick a honeymoon spot last night with little success...the more you research the more options come up! I was having a mini meltdown by the end of the night as I had been doing wedding planning for most of the day. Lucky me I have some wonderful bridesmaids, a good friend and some awesome bridesmaids who reminded me to chill out, take it one step at a time and breathe and that it will all come together beautifully in the end. Well today my fiance was off work so this entire day was earmarked for wedding planning. As soon as we got up, we got coffee (a must have in this house) and set to work researching hotels for our honeymoon travels. It took most the morning but we finally got a plan in place, a destination picked and the hotels booked. We will be going to two different locations in one state for ours. Kinda like two honeymoons in one :o)
What about you guys? Honeymoon plans? Have you made them?

After a morning of honeymoon planning we got ready and hit the stores to find vases for our center pieces. We are doing nice vases with river rocks in the bottom, a white ribbon around the top, possibly a laminated picture of us in the middle, and a crown tail Betta fish swimming around. It looks amazing, is super cost effective and will also serve as a small gift for the lucky guest who wins one. We also bought two different kinds of fish (which we will be keeping as our pets) to test to see which we like better center piece wise. So basically we are picking and assembling two different centerpieces to choose from. Once we have chosen one I will go and buy a bunch more of the one we like best.

The picture was my brilliant fiance's idea to add to the idea that we already had and it turned out really well. I am pretty pleased with the outcome of my centerpieces altogether. Although it was harder to pick vases and fish etc than I ever thought it would be.

What about you? Were your center pieces hard to pick?

Happy Planning from a Happy Bride,

Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Monday Morning,
So just thought I would share the news that Jason and I got our wedding bands last night! We had to order Jason's but we went ahead and got mine. I brought it home with me to show the mom :o) but we are sending it off by tomorrow to be sized. We also got an incredible deal on them both so I am super excited about it! I also have emailed the photographer that I really really want and am awaiting on a price quote. She has my wedding date open so hopefully her price will be reasonable too! I also have a lead on a wedding cake so my wedding plans are slowly but surely coming together. Honeymoon plans should be getting made this week too! So all in all it is a good Monday. I also got to have a date night with my honey. It was a nice time having dinner to kind of reconnect and celebrate finding our wedding rings. I think that is super important and I will remind you guys of it too...make sure to carve out time to just be together and reconnect cause between work, regular life and wedding planning it can get crazy!!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey :o)

So doesn't it seem like the holidays just pass by in a flash? All the parties are a great time catching up with friends especially since wedding planning keeps us out of the loop sometimes haha.
I just went to a Christmas party Friday night with a bunch of girlfriends and had an ornament swap. I didn't know everyone there but it turns out that two other women were brides this coming year but they are getting married in May, the month after me. It was really nice cause we were all able to talk about some of the stress and some of the good stuff about planning a wedding. Not only did I make a new friend but I got a lead on a wedding photographer which I desperately needed. Then last night I had another friends Christmas party, this one a couples party, no brides so really not much wedding talk which was nice also just to get away from the thoughts for a night. Played White Elephant and got some awesome gifts. We figured mostly people would fight over the gifts and steal em left and right but they really didn't. I guess most everybody got what they wanted. My lil sis/maid of honor showed up about 20 mins before I left so it was nice to see her cause we don't get to see each other that much here lately. Today, Jason and I are going to pick out our wedding bans. The store we got my engagement ring from is having a customer appreciation sale today and it is the last day so we are going to save at least 25 percent on them. I am super excited!! He has already picked one out that he likes for me so I will see if I like it too. I'm sure I will though! We also have a fairly good idea on his ring we just have to see what kind of deal we can get especially since we already bought one ring there.

Have any of you picked your wedding bands yet? Was it an amazing feeling? I think it is going to be awesome!

With all the holiday parties going on I realized that I love that the holidays bring family and friends closer to each other. Especially when you get to see people that you don't always get to.

What about you guys? What are your holiday plans?

Hope you all are having stress-free days of wedding planning and holiday fun!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hi To All The Brides

I'm not quite sure how to start this out but I read that blogging while planning a wedding is a good stress reliever. I am in need of one of those it seems. The closer the wedding gets the more panicky I start to feel. Not from cold feet or jitters mind you but just from the stress of it all. I had a friend who got married last December advise me before I even got engaged to elope...I laughed at her and her talk of stress and figured it would be a piece of cake because I am super organized...What I didn't realize at the time is that even being super organized it can be a very stressful thing to plan a wedding. In part, I believe, because we all want our big days to be absolutely perfect! And in the back of our minds we all know without a shadow of a doubt that nothing ever turns out perfect in this world so why would our weddings be any different. My fiance and I are tying the knot on April 10, 2010...yes in a mere 121 days. I could tell you down to the hour and minutes but I shall refrain from doing so :o)
As each day passes the pressure grows because I have been slacking in doing things that I certainly should have accomplished by now. I, however, avoided thinking about them because they were stressful and now I am in a rapidly passing countdown to the big day. So my first piece of advice would be to NOT avoid thinking about the things you need to get done for the wedding because you shall surely suceed and it will end up being a not so great thing.
I am hoping to find some fellow brides on here to commiserate with me and share ideas and stories of this adventure called wedding planning. If you also have a blog please share it with me so I can read about your plans and challenges so that I know I am not alone :)

Until next time,
Jenny (Stressed out Bride!)