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Saturday, April 3, 2010

1 Week To Go!!!!!

So the freaky thing is that at this time in one week I will be a married lady!!
Just had to get that off my chest haha

Last weekend I had my bachelorette party and lingerie shower. It was amazing! My mom and sister did an amazing job and my friends all have excellent taste in lingerie :o)
Thank you all for coming out and a special thanks to mom and Beth for all the hard work!
We had the shower at my sister's house with cake, games, and gift opening. The cake was a huge hit and the games were so funny.
We played one where mom and I had made a list of items and if you had them in your purse you got points for each one. Whoever had the most points in the end won a gift from Victoria Secret.
Seeing the crazy randomness that make up different girls purses was hilarious!
The other game everyone got a balloon and inside were slips of paper, one paper had the word winner written on it. So you had to pop your balloon with a pin to find out if you won or not.
Mom accidentally gave me a balloon to pop (since I'm the bride I couldn't win of course haha).
So not thinking anything about it we all pop our balloons and mine was the winner!! lol
So mom put all the papers in bowl and all the girls just chose one. Mandi ended up winning that one and Ashley won the purse game. After opening all the gifts I changed into my going out to Nashville outfit and then privately gave my bridesmaids their gifts.
It was a bag from Forever 21 with their wedding shoes (sparkly flip flops), daisy earrings (for the wedding), and a body spray and lotion from Victoria Secret as well as a little comb that folded into itself with a mirror on the other side, cute but functional!

Then out to Nashville we went! We ate at Joe's Crab Shack first and then hit up several different bars. They had a list that we worked on such as finding a guy with the grooms same first name and getting a picture with him. Getting a random person to buy me a shot, and getting wedding advice written on napkins from people. It was a really fun time!
Beth, Mandi and I all stayed at a hotel close to downtown.

In other news, I have checked even more things off of the to do list. Mom and I ran errands all day on Thursday. We hit up Victoria Secret so I could get my something white for the honeymoon :o) as well as part of what I needed for under the wedding dress.
We also found all of the underthings, such as the crinoline skirt and bra for the wedding dress!
We were also looking for a mother of the bride dress for mom which I think we found. She has a couple that she is going between. Not to sure which she is wearing yet.

Jason has the day off tomorrow so we will be consulting with a travel agent to try and finally pick our honeymoon destination. We are down to two different spots that we are trying to decide between. I will know better tomorrow. And a final decision should be made by Tuesday and the honeymoon will be booked by Wednesday...hopefully it will be done by Tuesday.
We also will be going shopping to find him some swim trunks and shorts for the honeymoon. Whichever destination we pick it will be on the beach!! Super excited that in 7 days we will be on the beach!!
So tomorrow starts a very very busy 7 days for me!
I worked on packing my honeymoon duffel bag today. Cutting all the tags off of my new lingerie etc.. ;o)
Also cleaned the whole house and gave the dogs a bath!! Super productive day! :o)

So excited to be married in 7 days!!