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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And The Countdown Continues!!

So the last time I wrote there was about 88 days left...we are now down into the 60's. Cannot believe how fast time flies! It has been a productive few weeks as far as wedding planning goes. My mom bought our toasting glasses as a surprise for me and gave them to me last week :o)
Very nice surprise! We have been looking for a cake topper and we are trying to decide between a couple that we have found. Tomorrow we are going to try to find our cake cutter/server and also go find a kit to make the grooms cake. Jason is a deer hunter and wanted that incorporated into his grooms cake. So I am thinking about getting a sheet cake with green icing and a kit from the store with a deer and hunter etc..and creating the scene on the top of the cake :o)

I also found someone to make our cake which I am super excited about. Also found someone that can come out and marry us :o)

And applied for our passports this past week too...like I said it has been super productive.

It feels so good that things are finally finally coming together for the wedding.

Beth and I were discussing bridesmaids details etc today and we are talking about having everyone wear white sparkly flipflops instead of fancier shoes as we are getting married outdoors. Also I hadn't picked any kinds of flowers but now we are thinking white and yellow daisies for the bridesmaids and then yellow roses with white daisies for me and then the cake will have white and yellow daisies (fresh flowers) on it. Love love love that things are coming together!!!


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