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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Super Stressed

So I had no clue how stressful planning a wedding was until I got into planning mine. I have been nothing but stressed since January 1st. Hopefully once I check some more things off it won't be so bad. I have been successful at getting one bridesmaids down to the store to put down the deposit and get fitted for a dress and now I have two more to do that with. Was supposed to go with Beth tomorrow to do hers but with the weather and her work schedule looks like it might not be happening until Monday. Which gives me a mini panic because they won't even get here until March most likely. It seems like several things have just gone wrong lately. I just keep reminding myself that no matter how it turns out all that truly matters in the end is that we walk away from the wedding as Mr. and Mrs. Booher. That is the truly important thing here. All you brides out there planning understand my level of stress, however, I am sure. I have gotten several things accomplished such as hotel rooms, venue, photographer, center pieces etc...but I still have large stuff left such as someone to marry us, a cake, a wedding dress and lots of money lol
Not to mention airline tickets and hopefully a deal on my hotel rooms which means talking to a friend of the families. GRRRRR so much to do!

I think I am going to take Jason's advice and take a day away from wedding planning...no thinking about the wedding, calling about the wedding or I guess writing about the wedding lol

Till next time, hope your wedding planning is going well!

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