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Monday, January 11, 2010

Still needing stuff done.

Well the good news is I went with Beth today and met Trina at the bridal shop to get them fitted. Fitting went well and deposits were put down, so tomorrow morning she will make the order for all three dresses. That means I have to call and find out what exact day they will arrive at the shop so that they can be picked up. Now I need to get Jason fitted for his tux and a cake flavor and design picked out. I have been waiting until Jason can go but I did get two volunteers in Beth and Trina to cake test with me haha. I might just end up taking them up on that lol
Also on the list of calls to make is to find someone to marry us.

I cannot believe how fast the days are ticking away until the wedding! It is crazy and it will be here before we know it!

And on top of the other stuff, I am working out trying to get in shape for the wedding. Let me tell you trying to watch what you eat aka dieting can make one cranky when you are already super stressed with wedding plans. I am however doing Pilate's and hitting the gym with my mom. The good thing is I have a couple of friends who are doing the same thing so I have people to commiserate with which helps.

Also one of my besties got engaged New Years Eve so it's awesome to talk wedding plans with her and listen to her ideas. She is doing a cruise wedding which is way different then mine and its exciting to talk about! I can't wait to go and see two of my really good friends tie the knot. And going on a cruise with all of them is going to be awesome! For sure something to look forward to after the craziness of our wedding is over!

Peace & Love,

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